Our embroidery production consists of 54 embroidery heads along with years of extensive experience decorating a vast range of textiles including jackets, woven fabric, knits, luggage, caps, gloves and so much more.

Customary embroidery offers a more high end decorating method for expensive garments but is not limited to only sewing a design and offers many more capabilities.

Applique and puff embroidery are some of the additional features that can be used to decorate customers design while adding a unique change to their traditional logo.

We use a standard hooping system and have adapted newer devices such as magnetic hoops or square metal frames to assist in decorating challenging material or embroidery locations.

Magnetic hoops are used for large, heavy bags as well as thick Carhartt jackets to ensure the closure of the hoops during the embroidery process.

A metal square frame is utilized for pocket or collar embroidery on dress shirts in areas where there is not enough material to be hooped.

All garments that are decorated with embroidery are trimmed, steamed, individually fold and polybagged.